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Is there a full moon??

Just saying....

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Re: Is there a full moon??

  • LOL... don't think so but maybe Halloween is making people nuts.
    party-fails-crunk-critters-catnips-a-hell-of-a-drug GBCB- Leaving the bump in protest of the new changes. No privacy= no bump for me.
  • Nope, just a thin sliver (wane, I think)...would have help explain some crap though.

    Waiting for little Elizabeth Anne or Ian David
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  • Not for another 10 days, but I think it's kicking in early...
  • For seems like every few weeks there are cycles of newbs that come in, ask stupid questions, cry, and leave. The other newbs try to defend, and all hell breaks annoying, that's why I love 3T more! Stick out tongue


    Edited to say that I know that I'm still a newb, looked over at my thingy and realized I'm bronze!! Where's my party at?!

    Patiently waiting for our 1st since 9/2010.
    Dealing with MFI, good count, good motility, 3% morph-HSG all clear, all other test results came back normal, IUI is our next step
    May 2012- Clomid 50mg + IUI = BFN
    June- Cycle Break
    July- Forced cycle break due to cysts
    August- Femara, Trigger, IUI#2= ?
  • Seriously.  

    Though I'm patiently replying to some in hopes of more free VIP days until the end of this cycle. 


    BFP: 2/29/12 EDD: 11/9/12

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