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Mirena. Very scared to get it. Please help me.

I know there are a million posts on here about Mirena but I just need some personal experiences. I am scheduled to get Mirena on Thursday and I'm scared stiff. lol. I used Dr. Google and scared myself by reading about hair loss, weight gain, ruptured uterus, etc. If you have or have had Mirena, what are your experiences? 

I chose Mirena because I've never used it and the convenience of it. I've been on the Pill, patch, ring, etc, years ago and the side affects were terrible. I had terrible mood swings and acted like a crazy woman. I was constantly sick as well. I don't want BC at all but I'm not going to make a permanent decision so Mirena it is.

Please give me your experiences and help ease my mind. Also, what affects did you have in terms of bleeding at first, your future period, pain and cramping after insertion and later on down the road.


Re: Mirena. Very scared to get it. Please help me.

  • Have you considered Paragard? It's a non-hormonal IUD, so might be a better choice for you if hormonal birth control caused so many problems.
  • I had the Mirena placed in 2004 and removed 2009. I LOVED IT! I'm not good with pills and knew that in 2004 I was going to be losing my insurance so I got the mirena (I could get it placed and then it was "no/low" maintance). When it was placed, it kind of hurt but it was like really bad period cramping, the motrin helped. I bled for like 6 weeks but then my periods got less and less until I didn't have them at all. I had no hormonal issues with it, and I even had my sex drive (which I had problems with on the pill). I don't know anything about the paragard (except it sounds more like a heartworm preventative instead of BC). But I plan to get the mirena again. Listen, I've heard bad stuff about it too but my experiences were awesome, so maybe it just depends on each person.
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  • Paragaurd is inserted like Mirena but it has a copper rod instead of having any chemicals or hormones. It's as effective as Mirena but it can last 10 yrs and doesn't come with hormonal side effects.
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  • I just got mirena last thursday and so far haven't had any side effects (knock on wood) I was sooo scared it would hurt and I am a wuss for pain but honestly took motrin 30 mins before and didn't feel anything!!
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  • I got the Paraguard because my LC said it was better for BF and I was wary of putting something semi permanent in without knowing how I would react to the hormones.

    It was uncomfortable when it was being placed but not painful, I had almost period like bleeding for about a week afterwards but only mild cramping on the first day.

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  • I had the mirena placed in May 09 at my 6 week check up after having my twin boys. I swear I couldnt feel anything when she placed it, the only think I felt was when she snipped the ends of the string off, I felt the scissors. I haven't had a period since June 2008. :)  I havent had mood swings or anything else. I was/am in the same position of not wanting to make any permanent decisions yet. Call me crazy since I have a 5yr old and twin 2 year old boys but I still think I might want one more. Ha!! My husband on the other hand has different plans...oh well!

    Good luck with getting the Mirena! I hear if you take a motrin like someone said about a half an hour before your appt you should be good :) 

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  • I got mine at my 6w ck up (now 10w pp) and luv it.  Don't have to remember to take anything and last for up to 5 yrs.  My OB said she has it and so does her nurse so I thought if it was good enough for them why not try.  It didnt really hurt getting it, but did have some cramps and bleeding for a few days after. 
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  • This is my second time on the Mirena. I've never loved a BC more. After 3 months the first time my period completely stopped until the day it was removed, 3 years later. Then after removal I got pregnant my first cycle. So far I've had it for 6 weeks and I'm on my second period so I'm hoping I only have one more left til they stop.

    I've also continued to lose weight this time around. I've never gotten sick, and I've had no cramping whatsoever, either time.

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  • Getting mine put in in Thursday too. Scared about side effects, but I did not want the Paragard and run the risk of terrible periods ( mine are already very heavy and painful).

    Keep the personal experiences coming... 

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