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Blistered lips?

I noticed today that my little guys lips are all blistered (best I can describe it).  He'll be 2 weeks tomorrow-- is this normal for a breastfeeding baby or is it a sign that we are doing something wrong?  (We had trouble at first and worked a lot w/a lactation specialist, but things have been going pretty well lately and I just want to make sure this is nothing to worry about).



Re: Blistered lips?

  • Its quite common. My DD had it for the first month. The skin on their lips is very soft and sometimes from all the eating(and sucking) they do will cause this to happen. Nothing to be concerned about.
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    I noticed the same thing on my DD last week.  Her top lip right in the middle looked like it was calloused and part of it actually peeled off!  I asked the ped. about it and he said it was normal!
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  • It's normal, DS has had it, it's come off, come back, and off again (he's 6 weeks).  Just don't try to pull it off yourself, it'll end up making their lip bleed.  Pedi said you can put a thin layer of vaseline on the lip if it's really bothering you.
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