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Cloth wipes or disposable wipes?

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Re: Cloth wipes or disposable wipes?

  • Definitely cloth! I made my own...about 7 dozen (wayyy too many) for about $20...some are single-ply (for pee) and some are double-ply (for poop). Much cheaper and much more durable on big poops than cloth wipe vs. 3-4 disposables. We just use water on the flannel wipes and its super easy and no waste! Plus the dog can't eat the cloth wipes when they are in the wet bag. He enjoys making a snack out of disposables if he can get his paws on them. (We use one disposable wipe as a final clean after a big poop.)


  • I have used both and prefer my cloth.
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  • Definitely cloth.  It doesn't make sense to me to use disposable wipes if you're already using cloth diapers.  Cloth wipes work so much better anyway!
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  • Cloth wipes are much better than I expected! Disposables just smear the poop all around IMO.
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  • I love my cloth wipes.  I tried making my own, we've tried baby washcloths, flannel receiving blankets and cut up towels.  I don't like any of my homemade wipes.  I love, love, love my Thirsties wipes and like my itti bitti wipes.
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  • Cloth. I bought mine from MonkeySnuggles.
  • I've used both and prefer cloth by far.  It makes perfect sense to use them when CDing.  They do a much better job of cleaning. 
  • image veruca5839:
    I've used both and prefer cloth by far.  It makes perfect sense to use them when CDing.  They do a much better job of cleaning. 

    I agree 100%

    I started off with disposable and went through them like crazy. #1- you don't want to keep buying them, #2-you will get sick of looking at all that waste, #3-you are all ready washing the diapers, you might as well add some cloth wipes in the mix and #4-they work WAY better!!! 

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  • I started out using disposable wipes.  You will forget to take them out of the diapers and find them in the wash.  Then, I switched to cloth and love them.  I bought a couple sets of baby wash cloths and use California Baby Daiper Area Wash or make a solution to spray on DS's bum. 

    I do still use disposable wipes in my diaper bag.  They are great for cleaning faces and fingers on the go.

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  • I used disposables to start and much prefer cloth.  Easier to just throw them in the diaper basket than the garbage.  Plus DS had a pee pee irritation and using sposie wipes was making it waaaay worse.  I switched back to using just water and a washcloth and it healed up in 8 hrs.  ( I was out visiting my mom and had packed sposie wipes for the day, so I just switched to a soft washcloth and water while I was there)
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