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those on Neocate!! Help!

Our Doctor just precribed us Neocate...DD just has NOT been doing well with my soy/dairy fr ee diet at all. 

I just tried our first bottle of Neocate and she took an ounce.  She made a terrible face after that and refused it.  Waited about 10 minutes then tried again...gagged...then about a minute threw up.  ?  Do I just keep on trying?  I've got a call into the nurse right now...but I want some experience mommy help!  Will she finally take it eventually?


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Re: those on Neocate!! Help!

  • My DD is on Neocate as well. I didn't think she liked it at first either because she wouldn't drink it. I've learned you have to realllly reallllly shake it before giving it. I wasn't mixing it well enough and the nipples were getting clogged with the formula (it's really gritty). I even shake it for a few mins, let it sit for a few, then shake it some more. I would keep trying. It took my DD a couple of feedings before she starting drinking it "normally". But it never hurts to ask the nurse/doctor either!
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