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Is it implantation cramps or am I imagining it?

Ok, I want to find out a few things before i take this test because i have been constantly disappointed over and over again. its october 27th and i ovulated on october 17th which is 11 days ago. i have been having these 'cramps' for 2 days and they only happen at night and they feel like they are only on the left side of my uterus. and now when i sit up my stomach kind of hurts (im also  overweight) and i have to lay back because its way to much pressure. it has never done this before. my period is due in four days. could this be implantion cramps. and i also had this little little drop of blood earlier. i dont want to take a pregnancy test to be disappointed again but i think it may  be different this month.

Re: Is it implantation cramps or am I imagining it?

  • A few things:

    1. You're only 10dpo. HPTs are notoriously inaccurate that early

    2. Implantation cramps, and bleeding, are usually something you realize after a BFP. You can't rely on those sorts of things to determine if you're pregnant. I've had all sorts of pregnancy-like symptoms in a cycle where I was definitely not pregnant.

    3. Wait until your period is late to test. That way you have less chance of disappointment, because you'll at least know you're past when you should get your period.

    How long have you been TTC? Have you talked to a dr about it?

  • It could be implantation cramps but it could also be various other things. Do you know for sure that you ovulated? (are you temping/charting or anything?) It's also possible you ovulated later than you thought and you're getting cramps from ovulation. As far as testing, here's a chart that shows you the accuracy of a HPT based on DPO.

    HPT accuracy DPO
    10 dpo : 35%
    11 dpo : 51%
    12 dpo : 62%
    13 dpo : 68%
    14 dpo : 74%
    15 dpo : 80%
    16 dpo : 88%
    17 dpo : 92%
    18 dpo : 99%

    So even if you did ovulate on the 17th, I would hold out longer to test if you can.

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