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toddler yeast infections

I think she might have a yeast infection going on.  She says its hot when she pees, the area looks a bit inflamed and...well, tmi but there's a slight odor. 

I treat my own infection with cloves of garlic but I can't do that with a toddler.  How did you treat your kid's infections?

She wore tights Saturday and yesterday.  Could that have caused this?  She hasn't been on antibiotics or anything.


Re: toddler yeast infections

  • if i wear tights, im guaranteed a yeast infection. but i didnt get them as a kid, so i have no idea if that would cause her to have one. i use grapefruit seed extract when i feel one coming on. i would ask the pedi if you could do that. 

    honestly, i would have the pedi check it out, at least this time since youre unsure. i wouldnt want to take chances with her tiny vagina.

    does she eat yogurt regularly? i have found that the yogurt really does cut back on my frequency.  

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