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Looking for a specialist

 I am currenlty seeking a second opinion from another state for GI issues. Does anyone on here recommend there GI doc, or the clinic they go to?

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  • Where are you currently, and what is the issue you are concerned with?

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  • We currenlty live just outside of Seattle, WA. I have tried every childrens hospital in the area for my 8 month old daughter. We started with Mary Bridge in Tacoma and that is where we are now, but just not getting any answers. We have been to Seattle Childrens Hospital. And that was a mess.

    When my daugter was 4 months old they found that she had an ulcer and severe acid reflux. We were given a medicine to cover the ulcer up and told it will just go away. I believe it is back, as she is no longer eating again. And her GI specialist wants me to go to a speech therapist. He thinks she has a oral adversion. This is what I have been told since she was born. They even gave her a feeding tube for awhile, and I believe that may have been how the ulcer started. After I got the feeding tube out they wanted to put it back in and I kept saying no, that was how we finally found the ulcer. She also has some kidney problems that I would like a secound opinion on.  

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  • We've had wonderful luck with the pediatric specialists at Swedish hospital. We left Seattle children's & have been with Swedish ever since! We love our GI doc there!
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