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Flip's leaking poop only... suggestions?

It's not too awful bad, but her poop is still kind of loose, but everytime she poops a middle size poop it leaks. I have them to the point that I think they're tight enough, but still leaking some. Weird thing is, they've never leaked any pee but all that's leaking when she poops is the liquid from the poop. I don't know, not too worried but thought if someone had a suggestion I would gladly take it!

Re: Flip's leaking poop only... suggestions?

  • DS does this if he poops when his diaper is already pretty soaked with  pee.  Daycare changes every 1.5 hours to prevent this.
  • I've actually wondered if she was pretty wet before pooping, but it's not been happening enough to make the connection, but maybe that's it?
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  • They do this for me too! DS has always been an exploder though... I now only use my Flips when DS is done pooping for the day (he's a morning pooper). I love them as long as he doesn't poop. Then I'm grossed out bc poop is through his clothes and on my arm and eww!

    I know, I'm a mom; I handle it, but it's still yucky. 

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