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Stolen poll from MM: What did you do for your 30th bday?

I've got a good idea what I want to do next year but I'd love to hear what some of you have done.

Re: Stolen poll from MM: What did you do for your 30th bday?

  • I'm drawing a blank, so I'm assuming nothing big. I'm sure we went to dinner or something. Or maybe the beach, because it was near our one year anniversary too.

    Yeah. Exciting, huh?!

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  • When I was 30, I was still single and childless as were most of my friends.  We went to Key West, FL for a long weekend.  I don't know if it was my friends at the time or what, but it was really easy.  I pretty much said "I'm going to Key West on these dates for my 30th, want to go?" and ended up with about 15 people!

     Good luck - I hope you find a memorable and fun way to celebrate!

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  • I was still BFing E on my 30th birthday, but we did decide to go away for the night.  My birthday is near Christmas & we were visiting my parents in Atlanta, so we had babysitters!  We stayed in a nice hotel in Buckhead, had a delicious dinner and went to bed without a baby monitor!  It was heaven.  Except for the part where I had to pump.  This was my first time away from E for more than a couple of hours and it was VERY uncomfortable, but I enjoyed the little break.
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  • I'm pretty sure we just went to a nice dinner. Nothing else stands out!
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  • My sister took a kid free weekend to Asheville and visited Biltmore. I hope to do something similar. 
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  • Mine is next year, but for DH's I surprised him with a trip to Miami.  We stayed in South Beach for 3 days, lounged on the beach all day and went out at night to nice restaurants and bars.  We had no kids at that point so it was easier to do, but I am hoping we'll do something fun.  DH's cousin is getting married in the Dominican Republic 2 weeks after my birthday so I hope we will go there and do something.
  • I was pregnant with like 6 weeks pregnant with Jocelyn and I woke up spotting (so that was not fun). My parents and sister were in town and we went to dinner and that was about it.



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  • The hubs threw me a surprise 30th b-day party!!  I was also very 'newly' pregnant at the time, LOL.  I really wanted to go out dancing and do it up big-time... but I kind of let that dream die when I found out I was pg.  :)  The party was fun, even though I couldn't drink and it was hard faking it since we didn't want to tell everyone just yet. 
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  • I don't know, it feels like 20 years ago!  I wasn't even engaged yet.  I think I did a nice dinner with now-DH on Friday, the day before my birthday, and then a casual dinner with friends on Saturday, my actual birthday.  I don't even remember where we went on Saturday though, or who was there *at all*!  I just remember being happy that it worked well to go out twice since it was a big birthday. :)
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  • We had a pig picking at my parents' house. They like to have one in the summer if they can, so we often have one near my birthday & my dad's bday (his is just 10 days after mine). It was one of those "good excuse to have a party" type things.
  • I was single at the time so my friends and I decided to whoop it up.  We went to Vegas for a long weekend and had a fantastic time.  I think it ended up being 8 of us that made the trip.  Out of the 8 that went - 5 of us were turning 30 within weeks of each other. 
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  • DH and I had just gotten engaged a few months before.  We were in the Netherlands visiting his extended family over my birthday.  On my 30th, I picked out my wedding dress in Leiden, Netherlands and then that night we went out to dinner with DH's extended family to celebrate my and my MIL (her 70th was 7 days before mine) birthdays.
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  • I haven't had mine yet, neither has DH. I did a surprise BBQ at our house for his 25th though. Man.. 30 is right around the corner.. scary.
  • DH & I went on a cruise for my 30th Big Smile
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  • Went to Chateau Elan in Georgia with another couple- spa day with the girl.  Winery tour and restaurant at night as couples.


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