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HCG levels indicated I was miscarrying... but my period is late!

Hello all.

 So, I have been through the ringer and back, but here is my current situation...


After many testings of my HCG levels (5 to be exact) my last ones went down over a week ago, indicating a non-viable pregnancy. The numbers were very low, and never doubled, so my doctor said that unfortunately this means a miscarriage. He never did an exam or anything, he just went by my blood work. He told me that I would probably just pass everything naturally, and not to worry about taking a more aggressive approach. I have only bled a small amount, and never had any cramping or heavy bleeding.

HOWEVER- I was supposed to start my period the day before yesterday, and all I have had is some very very light spotting. I don't know if I would even call it spotting... it is just discoloration when I wipe. 


There are two things I am worried about here....

 - Im not counting on it by any means, but could my HCG levels have just been out of whack, and therefore I am still pregnant?

 - Do I need to go in for a D&C or something? Could this prevent me from starting my period.


Our doctor said we could start TTC as soon as we wanted after my next period... but since Im not starting my period, I am very concerned... This is something that my husband and I want very very badly, so I would like to get back in shape so we can start trying again. Help!

Re: HCG levels indicated I was miscarrying... but my period is late!

  • I am in the same boat as you! What was your HCG levels? I am going in for another blood test tomorrow to see if I am miscarrying too.  I would assume if you don't bleed soon something is up! I would call the doctor and see whats going on.  Lets pray you are still pregnant.  That would be wonderful news.  I guess I will be looking to hear what others say because I probably will be going through the same thing this week. 
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  • HCG #1- 31

    HCG #2- 47

    HCG #3- 63

    HCG #4- 51 (this is the one that went down)


    Hang in there... hope it goes better for you than it did for me.


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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. From what I've read and heard, your body will not even ovulate if your HCG levels are not at 0. Then once your levels are at 0 your body will recognize that it's not pregnant anymore and will then start ovulating again. Most women have their 1st after m/c period 4-6 weeks later. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

    So if you haven't completed the m/c and if your hcg levels aren't at 0 then you shouldn't expect to get a period yet. 

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  • Should I be concerned then that I haven't miscarried yet? There has been nothing painful, and almost nothing has actually come out of me yet!
  • You may have what is called a missed mc. It is where your body doesn't recognize the lost even though the pregnancy has ended. I would give yourself sometime as it can take a few weeks for it to naturally pass.

    I had this type of MC and it was very hard for me to wrap my head around how my body didn't realize what had happened. 

    I am so sorry for your loss and wish the best in the future as well as with this matter. 

  • No, you shouldn't be concerned, yet.  It can take a while for your body to recognize that the pregnancy is no longer viable.  My pregnancy stopped growing at 5 weeks and I miscarried at 7w4d after about a week of off and on spotting.  The m/c itself was lots of blood and clots and I could tell when I passed the sac.  I had severe cramps, but nothing unbearable. 

    How far along were you?  If it was really, really early and your HCG never even got over 100, then it's possible that it was more like a chemical pregnancy and you won't experience much more than spotting and a little bleeding.  My HCG was 63 the day I got my BFP which was before I missed my period.

    I'm sorry for your loss

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  • DS siggy warning!

    :::HUGS::: I'm so sorry you are going through this!

    When did you get your bfp? How far along were you?

    In my experience my hcg levels never reached 30 during both of my chemical pregnancies (this sounds like what you are describing). Obviously everyone is different. If you were between 4-5 weeks pg I would not be concerned that you are 2 days late it just means your hcg levels have not dropped enough to bring AF on. I had my 2 CP almost at 5 weeks. 

    Good luck! Give yourself a few more days and then call the doctor if AF does not arrive.


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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  I wouldn't worry yet that your body hasn't recognized your m/c.  It took my body 4 weeks, and my midwife said that it can take up to 6 weeks sometimes.  I know waiting can be excruciating, but your body will figure it out.  (((Hugs)))

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  • First off I am so sorry for your loss!

    After trying to get pregnant for almost a year.  We went through the following: I had some bleeding for a couple of days around 9 weeks (I was going in for my OB confirmation later that week since they like it to be at about 10 weeks).  So with that I went into my doctor.  She did a trans-vaginal ultrasound and there was only a small white spot definitely not a 9 week baby.  So she thought either I wasn't as far along as we thought or most likely I had a miscarriage.  So I went in for the blood tests.  The first one was not very high so I had very little hope and then the second one went down so it was definitely a miscarriage. My doctor also had me go back for blood work 2 weeks later to make sure my blood levels went down too zero.  Since there wasn't anything to see on the u/s she said I didn't need anything done because my body must have taken care of everything.

     It was very difficult for me and make sure you take plenty of time to grieve.  My husband had a weekend seminar and so I shipped our two boys off to stay with their grandparents for the weekend and just took the weekend to myself to grieve and that really helped. 

    This was the end of May and then when we weren't trying because we were still grieving I got pregnant on my next cycle.  This scared me even more because it was so close but fingers crossed I am now 21.5 weeks and things appear to be going great.  

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