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Hey gals, I'm just wondering if I should chart using fertility friend even tho we will be working with an Re on our path to conseption? Did you work with an Re? Midwife? And chart? What was your experience like? Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of the weekend.
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  • Personally I only charted the two cycles prior to actually TTC.  Once we went to the RE I stopped because we were taking clomid, having u/s, and using a trigger shot.  There was no reason (for me) to try to remember to take my temp every morning.

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    I would chart for a better understanding of how your body works. :)

    I tend to agree with this, and if you have at least one or two cycles before you start with the RE you might actually have helpful info for them because you'll know more about your body/cycle (for instance, it's possible you don't ovulate all the time, or have a super short luteal phase or something, and you'd know this from charting but wouldn't necessarily otherwise.  It would be good to know this going into the process).  BUT this is coming from someone who is using midwives and no medication at this point, so I HAVE to chart.

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  • We charted my cycles for a few months before going to the RE.  It was helpful in substantiating my concerns that I was not ovulating, which led the Dr. to change her recommendation from starting unmedicated to starting with Clomid.  So for us it was worth it!
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  • I charted the first time with DD and took home opks. This time around I am taking Clomid and doing opks but my OB wants me to chart still.
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