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Valentine's Themed Shower?

My sister is throwing my "friends" shower for me, but she is not very creative and has never thrown a shower (or even been to many recently because she is younger), so I need to at least help in coming up with a theme. 

Since the shower will be Feb 11, do you think a Valentine's theme would be cute or cheesy/lame?  I am Team Green, so no pink and blue anyways.  

My other main shower is Elephant themed.  Thanks! 

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Re: Valentine's Themed Shower?

  • I think it would be fine.  You'll be able to find a lot to decorate with for sure.

  • mine is in november and we are doing a "fall" theme... i dont see why you cant use Valentines for a theme.. and above poster is right.. lots of decor to choose from!!
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  • I think it's totally cute.  I'm a fan of non-pink and blue showers.  The only thing is might be kinda tricky to make the colors gender-neutral since most V-day decor is red/pink/purple if that's important to you.  But I don't really think it matters in this case for this them.  You sister can find TONS of inspiration online for heart-themed parties.  I think you can either go really geometric with heart shapes everywhere or maybe have a cherub here and there.  GL!


  • I've never understood the whole "theme" thing. 

    It's a baby shower. Shouldn't the "theme" be babies? Or pregnancy? Or motherhood?

    If you insist on a theme, why not just make it what you're nursery is? If you're nursey will be decorated in jungle animals, go with that theme.


  • My mom is throwing my shower in Feb and we were thinking that a Valentine's Day theme would be fun as well. She was talking about doing heart shaped sandwiches, heart shaped scones, red velvet cake, and then like the pp said, decorations should be easy.
  • I think Valentines would be cute and super easy for her because there will be tons of decorations in all the stores at that time. 
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  • Love this Sprinkled with Love baby shower....just change the color palette.

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with a Valentine's theme. My only concern is that it being Valentine's themed you may get a lot of red or pink since those are the main colors associated with Valentine's day. I like the idea tho. I had a spring themed shower. I like the elephant theme tho.
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