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Holiday gift swap ideas? ntr

I need a new idea.

We go to many holiday parties with fun holiday swaps. At DH's family's party we all make a themed basket to swap. At my family's swap we have no limit on gifts so my parents spent like $100 each and I have siblings that spend less than $10. At another swap there are homemade foods, hand cut steaks, and cash cash cash!

I need an idea for my dad's house. There are 9 adults and a few kids (that don't need to partake). Everyone wants to do something, but budgets are tight and creativity is looooow. I thought about a re-gift swap. Or making something (siblings would hate this). Or a food swap?

Any fun holiday gift swap ideas?

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Re: Holiday gift swap ideas? ntr

  • I am tired of stuff like candles, lotion, and body products (and I really like to pick my own scents).

    What about books, gourmet goods (like gourmet coffee grounds), pet items, a snuggly throw for the couch.  I know peopel do cookie swaps, or you put dry recipe ingredients in a Ball jar and decorate the jar.. might be a nice family thing to share a fave recipe that way.  There are also websites for making homemade body scrub and that kind of thing, you could also do in Ball jars.

    If you want to get the kids involved, there are lots of cute little things they can make.. like cinnamon ornaments, or paint pinecones with glitter to make decorations/ornaments.  Not necessarily a whole gift, but even an accessory that goes on a gift..

  • Do a $5 limit and tell people to get creative. You can go to warehouse sales or unclaimed freight and get all sorts of unique stuff. We do a $20 limit for our family exchange. I buy everything on ebay or thrift stores. Got my sister a Tiffany's candle holder on ebay for $20! Found a rare book my dad wanted on ebay for under $20. Gave my mom $20 of glass pieces I found in a clearance bin that she will use to make her stained glass. Small dollar amounts force people to be thoughtful.

    At our friend Christmas party we do White Elephant exchange. The idea is to make the toys as weird as possible. So someone got a moving Mrs Clause that played music, I gave a set of trashy romance novels, a ceramic pig candle holder, etc.

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  • We do a secret Santa swap with my family every year. We set a limit and draw names, each person buys a gift or gifts for their one person and them we reveal who we have and swap on Xmas. The kids are exempt from this game and anyone can buy for them. We also make sure that married couples dont get each other.

    this year we used a free website called It's so cool! You set up the game, set limits and rules, it assigns everyone a person. You can connect email addresses and Facebook Accounts. Everyone can create wish list And send anonymous messages or questions to their person. It's fun and the wish lists provide good ideas that you know your person will like but is still in the limit.
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