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NT Scan?

Anyone in Cincinnati have an NT scan?  My OB said that I could go to Christ (Perinatal center), Bethesda or Good Sam.  Has anyone had any good/bad experiences for their NT scans at any of these facilities?  My insurance covers all of them.  Thanks!

Re: NT Scan?

  • Its just an ultrasound.... I had mine done at my ob office. But I deliver at Christ and love it there. 
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  • I had mine done at Good Sam. It's just an ultrasound and bloodwork so whichever is more convienent for you, do it there. GL!

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  • We did Bethesda, can't say it was anything special. I didn't like that I had to go to 2 different places though - one for the u/s and one for the bloodwork
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  • I had my NT at Good Sam. The facility is brand new. The US rooms are huge and there is a flat screen on the wall so you can see everything very clearly :) We met with a genetic counselor before the appt for a few minutes just so we understood the results. Finger prick for blood and got the results in about a week. 

    Baby was not cooperating so I had to go back for 3 tries to get the scan. Never had an issue getting an appt even at the last second! 

  • I went in to have my NT at Good Sam. Found out I was too far along (a week and a half further along than I thought). The techs there are great though and they really try to work with your schedule.

  • We went to Independant Perinatal Associates of Cincinnati in the Christ Hospital Medical Office Building--this the practise recommended by the doctor.  Very good expereince.  There was also a genetic counsellor from Children's there scheduled to talk to us, who was very helpful in explaining what results may indicate.  She's the one who called us with the results (which were very promising, especially based on my age), and was very professional and informative.  Baby cooperated and we have some good pics, too.
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