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Switched Docs at 37.5 weeks

I posted last week about trying to change docs last minute. DH and I decided to go for it and I am really glad we did! There is a brand new midwife center at a local hospital and that is basically what I have wanted the whole time it just has not been available. After meeting the doc and the two midwives I feel MUCH better about my chances of being allowed to do a drug free birth. It is also nice to know who will show up to deliver my baby. At my other doc it could have been any one of 11 people who I didn't know at all. The midwives have a waterbirth option and were really supportive of my wishes. I got all the hospital paperwork done this morning. The hospital is across town but now I'm not nearly so worried about going in too early so that's OK. The only slight downside was that my old OB called me today, obviously pissed, to give me a guilt trip, but it's not about her. I found this especially interesting since I have never been able to get her on the phone when I actually needed to talk to her. Anyway, long story short, I am feeling great about my decision, even though it was last minute, and I feel much more comfortable about giving birth now Smile
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Re: Switched Docs at 37.5 weeks

  • That is wonderful.  Very glad you found a place you can be comfortable.  Can't believe your OB called you to guilt trip you.  Totally unprofessional.
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  • Yaaaaay! I'm glad it worked out for you :) And I agree, your ex OB is being totally unprofessional and I would just add that to a growing list of reasons you can be happy you switched.
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  • Did you get to give the OB your feedback on what made you feel the need to swtich? It's good feedback for their other patients.
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  • I remember your post! I'm so happy it all worked out for you! That's so awesome!

    On another note I can't believe your original OB called you! How weird, and rude. Wow. 

  • I'm glad you feel confident (and were able) to switch.  I switched last week as well, and my old OB took it wonderfully (he was the one recommending because his hospital put a ban on VBAC and his hands were tied).  I stayed with him as long as I felt safely comfortable with, and truly didn't want to leave (but neither did I want a needless c-section).  I let him know in person during my last visit with him, but could easily have phoned it in...I'm sure had I done that he'd have done a follow up call to find out the reasons behind it (or to confirm them, rather) but doing that vs a doctor calling to guilt you is seriously weird and only confirms you needed to make the move.
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  • She actually called to guilt trip you?  Wow, that is super unprofessional.  

    Congrats on the change.  


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