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Possibly found someone who will deliver breech!

I have been dreading having an external version because of the risk factors, but no matter what I have tried this baby is not flipping.  My sister-in-law recommended a homebirth midwife to me who does breeches. I talked to her, and she is pretty booked for November but said she is willing to be my "Plan C".  She gave me the name of a midwife who she highly recommends (she said she is the most experienced with breech out of any other midwives near me because she has so many Amish clients).  I called the recommended midwife and I am going to see her this afternoon.  She seemed incredibly open to taking me on as a client this late in the game and I felt immediately comfortable with her on the phone.  I will probably still go for my consultation with the Dr. about the ECV on monday just so I can properly weigh my options.  I am just so relieved to have options.
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Re: Possibly found someone who will deliver breech!

  • Yes My grandmother (who was quite a small woman) gave birth to my mom breech and w/o pain meds!  Best wishes for a great birth!

  • Lucky you! We only have one DR who will deliver breech in our town, so that would throw out any homebirth plans. I have the impression my midwife is just not comfortable with it which is fair enough. I know there is plenty of time for my LO to move, but I do get frustrated with feeling his/her head everywhere BUT down.


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  • My midwife also was uncomfortable with attending my breech birth at home, which was okay with me. I REALLY wanted a home birth but we ended up finding a doctor an hour and a half away that would deliver my son vaginally. I'm so thankful that I was able to experience giving birth and was not forced into a c-section. You are very lucky to have access to a midwife that is experienced in breech home deliveries!!


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  • Midwives aren't allowed to deliver breech babies in AZ.  All that I interviewed said it was illegal.

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  • Just read the replys to this on the November Birth Board and wow are some people close minded. Of course I can understand their concerns but the way some come across is ignorant and judgemental.

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  • The statistics are for every 8000 breech vaginal deliveries, 1 baby will die. That is why doctors stopped doing breech. I am pro choice, as long as you know the facts, with an experienced provider, that's the risk you take. It's up to you.
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