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I have only been on thebump a short time due to 2 recent pregnancies. But I do have a 16 yrs old who is in the autism spectrum. I didn't realize there was a board for special needs. 

With that said, I have a question for anyone who has input. Of recent my best friend who is also my sons aunt has decided that myself and all others in my sons life are not doing all we can for him. She has laid this on me, claiming to have done her research and become somewhat of an expert. I  shocked and hurt by her apparent allegations.

Has anyone received unsolicited advise from a close friend or family member and how did you handle this? 

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  • There's a really easy response. "Butt out." I've done it to my mom and to my MIL recently."I know what is best for my child as do the specialists we take them to."  
  •  Thanks ladies for giving me some input. 


    He is in a life skills class and has been for some time. He will not function at an independent level. He is not high functioning. He can't even cross the street by himself. He needs prompting for almost everything he does, i.e. getting dressed in the morning, bathing/showering, eating meals.  His adult life will be spent either in our care or in that of an adult care facility. He is in 10th grade but functions at that of maybe a 1st or 2nd grader academics wise. We have realistic goals in place for him but according to my friend this is giving up. She claims I do not have "hopes & dreams" for him. My hopes and dreams have to be different than that of a child outside of the ASD world. She is making assumptions about our life and doesn't have a clue. Before now she showed absolutely no interest in his ASD. This has come up because we are having another child and she doesn't think that is fair to him. 

    Don't get me wrong. I am open to someone telling me they read a good book or saw a good documentary and thinking I need to see it. I am welcome to a friend or family member finding out about a resource and suggesting it to me to see if its something I didn't know about but I am not up to being accused of giving up on my child.  

    This friend of mine has not seen DS for over 3 yrs.  

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