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v-tech type laptop learning toy for 4 year olds

this post is VERY similar to the one below but I figured I'd throw it out there----

 I am looking to get my just turned 4 year olds sometype of learning laptop for xmas that they can use/play durring "naptime/quiet time"

I have looked into the V-tech which looks good but would LOVE others suggestions, experiences, opinions, etc...


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Re: v-tech type laptop learning toy for 4 year olds

  • we got Griffin the Leap Pad for xmas this year - so i can't give a review, but i'm excited for him to use it.... he's 4.5 and I think just ready for it now.

    i'm a fan of leapfrog products - haven't been thrilled with most Vtech things we have- that's my main reason for going with the LP

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  • Parker has the Thomas the Train VTech laptop. He got it for his 1st birthday, and he still plays with it. Highly recommend.
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  • DS stood on his and broke the screen.

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