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Conflicting opinions..

I am seeing two midwives. One in a clinic, one that comes to me from out of state (planning a homebirth.) 

I saw both of them yesterday. The midwife at the clinic told me baby was head down. Homebirth midwife said baby is transverse breech. She spends a lot more time feeling baby for position and explains everything to me.

Home birth midwife has found leukocytes in my urine for the past 3 months. She says it's probably from a yeast infection and told me to cut sweets completely and get on a good probiotic.  I haven't had any symptoms of any infection. Midwife at clinic has never seen anything in my urine. I'm wondering if her test is more sensitive?

Re: Conflicting opinions..

  • Your pee test can vary for many reasons--what you ate, how much you had to drink, time of day, if you used a sterile wipe to clean before giving the sample, and more. You could get a separate yeast culture to know for sure, and also, you can be asymptomatic of an infection sometimes, or only feel itchy once it gets really bad. In any case, a probiotic won't hurt. : )
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  • How far along are you? Babies can flip around alot in there

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