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LeapPad vs. Leapster Explorer vs Other?

I'm trying to decide what type of electronic toy to get my almost 4 year old daughter for Christmas.  I had narrowed it down to either the LeapPad or Leapster Explorer based on the fact that both had eReader capability in addition to games.    I really wanted her to be able to work on reading skills if I was getting her an electronic device.

Can anyone comment on why they like one versus the other?  Is there anything else I should be considering?  I really don't want an iPad b/c I think she's too young. 


Re: LeapPad vs. Leapster Explorer vs Other?

  • I think I'm going to get the LeapPad.  DD doesn't have either one, and I just think the LeapPad is cooler.  lol. :-)  But honestly, it looks like a really good toy and whenever we are at the store, and we go down the toy isle, she goes right for it and plays with the one on display.

    I'm hoping I can find some good deals on it.  Don't know if I wanna wait till Black Friday!

  • DD  got a LeapPad for her birthday in August and LOVES it.  It uses all the explorer games and you can also download stuff from their website.  I do suggest getting the carrying case with it.  It holds the games so you shouldn't loose them.  My only complaint is that it goes through batteries fairly fast.  But again, very worth it!
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