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NPR/NBR - Weapon of Choice

Flashback! Feathered wings, crispy mall bangs, what have you--what was your weapon of choice when it came to hairspray? Rave, Aqua-Net, Aussie (full name escapes me)? Aerosol or pump?

I was all about the pump, Rave...#4, I think? I had the crispy mall bangs, until I decided to be "more mature" and got a spiral perm. I wanted my hair to look like Madonna's in D!ck Tracy. I remember my mom looking at me like "hmmm" and saying "It looks like a bunch of corkscrews". Um, yeah!

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Re: NPR/NBR - Weapon of Choice

  • well... i have naturally very curly and thick hair that i was trying to grow out back in the day so it was rather big and NOTHING would tame it. i had to go hardcore with an aerosol aqua net just to get some of the curl to die down. i didn't have crispy mall bangs (snort), i had crispy sides though. dear lord, some pictures from way back when need to be burned!
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  • Typically Aquanet and Rave.  Although I really liked Aussie because it smelled so much better (but cost more too).  Aerosal of course.  I had to use so much hairspray to go big, it would typicallly take two washing to get it all out.

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  • I was a Vidal Sasson girl... pump, not aerosol.  And even though I grew up and live in NJ, I did NOT have "Jersey" hair. It was more Farrah or Kate and then very New Wave for a bit.

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