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xp (partial) Shower drama - updated

Also shared some of this with my birth month board a few days ago but a few details have changed as my cousin filled me in a bit more.

My shower is in a week and I received my adorable invitation last night. I am so very excited! The planners are young (19 and 20) and so keen to please me/celebrate this baby. I am so thankful for whatever they come up with and really annoyed that people have made things difficult for them.

Now for the *drama* 

Our niece (husband's side) and cousin (my side) are working together to throw a shower for me next week.

For several reasons the shower will take place at our house. This fact influenced the guest list that I provided the planners with - they asked for a list. Everything was going so well - our niece ordered the invitations and favours for the max. # of people invited. Very well prepared.

Last night, I received a text from my niece asking if I knew someone named "partycrasher" -- sigh. Apparently my stepmom told my cousin that this person (an aunt from my mom's side) would be coming to the shower too. It's a long long story but the basic fact is that at the moment my dad/stepmom, gram, this aunt are all living in the same house. I did personally question inviting my gram and stepmom but and leaving my aunt out of this party - I also talked about this with my cousin when she asked if I meant to leave the aunt off the list. I did mean to. Her and my mom are tense together. Having my mom and stepmom both here seemed like enough "family stuff" for me. Plus I liked that my husband and I each have 6 guests coming. Not that it needs to be equal but I find it lovely to have a small group of our closest family/friends (just 2 friends at this one).

My cousin told me that she called my stepmom and told her that my aunt wasn't invited to this shower as it is very small but that I would include more family/friends in a much larger *meet the baby* event (more traditional in Alberta) after little one arrives.

As it stands neither my grandmother nor my step mother has RSVP'd to the event.

Anyway, that's my vent. Would kindly accept empathy or humor :)

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Re: xp (partial) Shower drama - updated

  • that sucks with all the family issues. however, i'm a pleaser.. and invited my SIL to my shower just so i didn't seem like a Bia. :-/ So i probably would have invited her just so 2/3 people living in the house wasn't just invited. it may have been different had she lived somewhere else. but i think it should have been expected this would have happened. Although i understand why you did it.

    Can you just invite the Aunt and pray things don't get heated? i know at a small gather it might be playing with fire... but it may be ok if they just ignore one another?

    either way- don't let it ruin your day. if your grandma and step mom choose to not come, it's their choice and their loss. don't let that bother you (easier said then done)... but really.. it's their choice. their adults. and if they are choosing to miss this celebration, that's on them. 


    ~*~ Sorry for any typo's. Replying from an Android device. ~*~

  • It is odd that I didn't expect it. I am typically the queen of "worst case senarios". Oh well, I am 100% ok if none of them come or if all of them come. My aunt won't be getting a formal invite as my neice only ordered and delivered invites for those who really were invited. Awkward but our neice and cousin don't need any stress. This is supposed to be fun!


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  • RSVPs are in: gram is out but stepmom is coming. I'm just thankful that the planners have a final count! And a little sad about grandma but she's not really a crowd person so I get it.



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