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Bring sand table in garage over winter?

I told DH it's probably time to bring the water table and sand table into the garage for the winter. He agrees about the water table, since we don't want it breeding mosquitoes or anything, but thinks its silly to bring in the sand table. It has a cover on it, but since it's pretty small, I was just assuming we would dump out the sand and store it in the garage.

What do you do with yours? Do you replace the sand every year?

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Re: Bring sand table in garage over winter?

  • We have a sand box so it stays out there.  We don't do new sand because it has about 15 bags in it. 
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  • If you have room I would bring them in so you don't have to scrub them in the spring but other than that I don't see any reason they can't stay out, does the water table not have a lid?  You may find that you use the sand table on decent days, the cold ones where you are so happy it's not raining and can at least bundle the kids up and get outside.  My kids were so excited to play with sand during the winter decent weather breaks that we actually took an odd area out front that is under our eves and turned it into a sandbox.  It's so nice to have something to do when the entire yard is gross in the winter.
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  • I bring ours in and put in our backroom in the basement.  I also fill it with dried beans and let the kids play in it throughout the winter.  I left sand in one winter and it was a gross mess in the spring. 
  • Sand box stays out year round, we just keep it covered.

    Water table stays out all year too, we just empty it. When there is a nice day, sometimes we break it out. When it snows (okay, not applicable to you) we use it as a snow table.

  • Ours stays outside but DH puts the sand in 5 gallon buckets in the shed.

    I recently got a huge box full of packing peanuts. I saved them to put into the water table in the basement this winter.

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  • We have a step2 sand&water table that is a decent size.  I never put sand in it, so I cleaned it, made sure it was dried out, and put it in the basement.  I bought rainbow aquarium rocks and made a sensory table for the kids.

    When we had a sandbox, I filtered the sand through mesh strainer thing and put the sand into garbage bags (I think there was prob 20lbs).  Even though it had a cover on it, there were some bugs, leaves, and other stuff I figured it could use a cleaning.

  • OUr sandbox has not moved since got it a few years ago.  It has a cover so its fine.  We add new sand if needed but that is really only from the girls dumping it out while playing, not it going bad or anything,
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  • if it is a warm enough garage let them play w/ it
  • We have a sand/water combo table, but it's full of all sand.  We brought it inside to prep for the hurricane and actually just let DD play with it inside (we dont have a garage so it's in the unfinished half of our basement).  When she's done I just sweep the sand up w/the shop vac.

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  • BTW we had one of the little round water tables, left it out in the winter.  It didn't have a drain, so it filled up with water, froze, and shattered the table.  Granted it should have been on it's side, but I had a newborn baby and DH was too lazy to help me with anything outside, he said nothing would happen to it.
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