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XP - Baby shower game help?

Cross post from my birth month board - TIA!  :)   

The shower for my BFF is a week and a half away, and I have caught a nasty, nasty cold.  I seriously laid on the floor watching Jack play for most of the day.  :(  

I have a few things left to do, and come up with a game is one of them.  The grandma to be asked me to make a game out of my BFF's first year baby stats.  I think that would be nice and personalized, so I'm going for it.  

Now I'm sitting here staring at a list of when she smiled, ate cereal, rolled over, said her first word, etc.   And my cold-diseased brain can't think of anything other than a trivia game.  There are going to be about 35 people there and I don't want to make it too long... should I just do multiple choice or something?  Is that lame?  

Any better ideas for something I could do with this list?   

I used to be a big deal.  Now I'm just old. 

Re: XP - Baby shower game help?

  • Keep it simple and stick to multiple choice.  Maybe have a tie breaker question in the case of a tie.

    You can ask the grandma to gather photos of as many as these milestones as she can and then display them on a clothes line or mini photo album that can be passed around while people play the game or while you give out the answers.

  • we did a questionnaire at my shower about momma to be (me). i think there was 15 questions, all multiple choice A-D. it went quickly. ended up being 2 people to get all 15 right, our tie breaker was "what was the name of MTB's favorite childhood stuffed animal?"- 1 person got it right. so we had 1 winner.

    It was fun and when my sister was reading off the questions, everyone chimed into answer the question together. 

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