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*Inelson* RE: PTing

Congrats on the PTing progress! 

I'd love to pick your brain a bit since we are just about there as well...What method are you using?  What made you pursue "early" PTing? (i know its all relative since many places pt earlier than us, but you know what i mean) How long have you been working at it?

Re: *Inelson* RE: PTing

  • Thanks--we still have a ways to go but it is fun to see him get it :) 

    Basically we bought a potty on a whim because E was interested in us going. We had read/heard that CD babies tend to train earlier so we thought we'd give it a shot. Plus he was about to move into the toddler room at that time and they work on PTing starting at age 2 or earlier if requested. That was in early to mid-September--so I guess we have been at it for about 6-7 weeks.

    I am not sure if we are using a formal method. We started just putting him on and sitting there reading books, talking about "going potty", playing with blocks, talking about "going potty," using the sign for it, etc. at times we knew he was likely to go. When he would we would make a huge deal about it, but although he loved the praise it was clear that we was not aware of what was going on. After a couple weeks he seemed to really get it and could make himself go pretty quickly after sitting down. With a lot of consistency (both daycare and home) he is starting to tell us *sometimes* when he needs to go and we watch pretty closely for his tells of when he is going so that we can get him on the potty even mid-process to re-enforce it. He is often staying dry for half-days at this point and about half the time he is walking up from naps or overnight dry. If he is really engaged in play he won't stop to indicate he needs to go and if he is too worked up on the potty he will not manage to go, but will pee as soon as he stands up--so it is definitely a work in progress.  Adding the underwear at home has helped to keep him conscious of it and also *I think* makes him feel proud because he gets to pick out what pair to wear.

    So, that was a novel! Sorry. How about you? What is working/not working? Any tips? 


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