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Milk Allergies Anyone?

So today I had my first terrifying new mommy moment. I was chaning DD's diaper and saw blood (not alot, but still terrifying sight to see). So off to the doc we went. Doctor says that it is probably a milk allergy that she's had since birth, its just been building up over the past couple of weeks until the point were it finally irritated her bowels enough to show up in her diaper. So I have to cut out all dairy from my diet and help supplement breast milk with a soy-based formula.

Anyone else have to deal with this?

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Re: Milk Allergies Anyone?

  • We discovered my DD's milk protien allergy when she was 2 months old just the way you did - blood in the diaper.  I immediately went on a dairy free diet.  It really wasn't too bad except for the cheese (dairy free cheese is NASTY!!).  I tried all of the different milks (soy, rice, almond, flax, coconut) and I found that I liked coconut milk the best.  Flax milk is a close second.  Just watch your food labels really well.  They should indicate if there is a milk product in them but some don't.  Look for caesin, milk, etc.  Oreos are dairy free so I lived off of them for a treat!  Also, if you like chips, tostitos makes an artisan tortilla chip (garlic and black beans) that is really good and dairy free. 

    Here's something to look forward to - my dr. said that most babies outgrow their allergy by their 1st birthday.  And most babies have a threshold, meaning that they can tolerate up to a certain amount of dairy before it effects them.  So, this will not last forever!  I stayed completely dairy free until she was 6 months old.  At 6 months the dr told me to test it out a little at a time - have a glass of milk one day, have milk and a piece of pizza another day, etc., to test her tolerance.  I'm pretty back to all dairy except milk and icecream.  I haven't made the plunge totally back to those things yet.  I will ask them to retest her next week at her 9 month appt to see if I should.

    Also, baked dairy is ok, like cake, cookies, breads.  The heat from the baking breaks down the protien where it is not harmful.  But still stay away from cream/cheese based sauces, etc.

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  • We're not breast feeding, but yes to finding a milk allergy. He was very sick for a couple of days and took him in and the doctor switched him to soy formula to help calm down his system, then we tried switching him back a week later, and no go. Same thing PP mentioned though, he said he'd probably outgrow it since his didn't seem too major. GL!

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  • We found out about DD's allergy at about 7 weeks old.  Blood and mucus in her diaper.  Had to cut out diary and had her on alimentum for a few weeks so her gut would heal.  I had just returned to work and was super stressed so I just gave by breastfeeding because I was just too overwhelmed.  After a few weeks on alimentum we switched to soy to see if she would have any issues and she did fine. 

     Most babies outgrown it although at almost 20 months old DD still doesn't tolerate to drink milk although does ok with milk products like cheese, ice cream, or products with made with milk.  If I give her a cup of whole milk though it messes with her tummy so she drinks soy.

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