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I just got back from my doctor...I had my physical last month and I asked to be tested for rh status and blood type. I didn't get my cmv status though. I was hoping to narrow down some donor choices.  Who took rh, cmv status and blood type into consideration when selecting a donor? Should I go back and get tested? Or wait till I see my fertility specialist in a few months? 
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  • I was told by the midwife at our AI center to only look at CMV negative donors because I'm CMV negative.  I didn't really ask a lot of questions about that so I don't know how important it really is.
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  • We didn't consider rh but we did CMV . It was important to us not to have any additional risk, no matter how small.  You can always just consider negative donors if you aren't sure of your status or need to choose before you know your status.
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  • Since we both hope to use the same donor, we made sure to get CMV negative (Jen is CMV negative, I don't know my status since I will not be TTC for a few years). We have different blood types, so we didn't worry about that.
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  • Yes, we considered CMV status.  I was negative so we made sure to pick a negative donor.

  • I don't recall anyone telling me my CMV status (and I went through the whole bloodwork regimen.) We didn't look at any of those factors and ended up getting pregnant with a Rh + donor while I am Rh-. No biggie, I had Rhogam shot at 20ish weeks and everything was fine!
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  • I'm CMV neg (a lot of lesbian women seem to be??) and we only looked at CMV- donors.  My understanding is that there's a really really low chance of some really bad consequences if you're negative and use a positive donor.  But why risk it?

     Similarly, my rh factor is + so we didnt worry about blood type.  If I were - we might have narrowed to - donors, just to not have to deal with it.

    The whole CMV thing is pretty new, so I'm sure thats why you didn't get the info 2brides. 

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  • We went with a known donor and honestly the cmv status was never addressed. I do not even know what I am.

    As far as blood type goes I am - and the donor we chose happened to be positive. I did not see this as such a big deal (even though that shot hurts like a you know what) since a lot of couples IRL deal with this issue.

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  • Our RE would only use CMV Neg they said that they could not wash the CMV Pos  sperm.  So when we were looking that was a big factor for us.  

    I am RH- and our donor was RH+ this wasnt an issue at all for us.  I had the rhogam shot at 28 wks as well as after delivery since the baby was RH+.  Never had any issues. 

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