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Hostess gift

I have it already and I think it will be perfect. My only questions is when do I give it? It is also a birthday gift to her as well because well, it was more then we ever spend on each other's birthdays but I knew she would love it and that I was going to be getting her a hostess gift soon anyways so I just combined the two. I have never seen anyone give a hostess gift at the shower, so I'm guessing it's a before or after thing, but honestly have no idea. I just really wanted to show my appreciation.
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Re: Hostess gift

  • You are give it before or after the shower (in private).
  • She'll probably be bust with last minute prep before the shower, so I think post shower during clean-up when most people are gone is probably your best bet!
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  • For the lady who is hosting it at her home, the week following. It's a delivery.

    My friend who hosted it is helping me take the gifts back home. After we put everything in my living room, I'll probably give it to her.

     She was over at my house last week and saw a big present and said, "WOW! You got a baby gift already!" I laughed and told her to look at the card and the outside of the card had her name on it. Hahaha.

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