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DD#2's birthday party theme

I'm torn as to what to do for Claire's 2nd birthday party theme (I like doing themes).  We were thinking of doing just balloons because she loves to get balloons but she's following in Natalie's footsteps and gets very excited over seeing Disney Princesses.  She's also starting to get into Dora and loves when we go by anything Dora related in the store.  I had hoped to stay away from these type of themes for her birthday but now I'm second guessing myself since she gets so excited by it.  Maybe I should just suck it up and do a princesses or Dora theme...but she is only 2 and it won't make a huge difference at this stage.  Such a momumental dilemena Stick out tongue.  So what do you think?
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Re: DD#2's birthday party theme

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a "commercial" themed birthday party. So far, we've just done generic themed parties for Nate (though his 3rd birthday cake was a Toy Story cake), but we've been to Dora parties and Princess parties and he has loved them. I guess he learns about the princesses from the girls at daycare, because he seems to know a lot about them. :P IMO, the birthday theme should be about whatever makes the birthday girl happy.
  • I don't think anything is wrong with theme's either, I am pretty sure Jocelyn's 3rd bday will be princess themed, and I'd love to have everyone come in costume!

    I saw on the Little People website they have stuff to plan a little people party which I thought was really cute! I don't know if Claire is into little people at all. You could do a tea party theme, or Dora, or Minnie Mouse? These are all things Jocelyn likes. 




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  • AT is really into Cars this year so I bought a few things that were themed but not everything...like the treat bag stuff, and candy for the pinata. I mostly played on the colors that were part of the theme.

    Like I went with a chekered flag banner, matching checkered plates, but then also tied in colored napkins, balloons, table cloths anything I could to just get in a simple color. That saved me money.

    You could get a special balloon, cake/cake topper, favors etc that are themed and keep the rest tame so you dont feel like everything has Dora or a princess all over it. GL! Im sure she'll love whatever you choose!

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  • The 2 year old's party I was at last weekend was Yo Gabba Gabba Themed.  She had a Foofa cake and absolutely LOVED it.  I think if it will make your daughter happy, then go for it! Smile
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