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Suggestions for care packages

Hey ladies,

 My BIL is in the Army in Afganistan (just sent at end of September) and I'm trying to come up with good ideas for his care packages.  Can you all give me any advice?  I would really like to send him something homemade but I have no idea how long it will take for the package to get there and what sort of temperature extremes it will be subjected to.  TIA.

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Re: Suggestions for care packages

  • I know that baby wipes and granola bars are always welcome. When my special someone was deployed I made chocolate chip cookies and packaged them in tupperware, they seemed to make it in time with out melting, and everyone he worked with loved them.  Also I know that the people with laptop enjoyed getting their favorite tv shows on dvd. (like the office) That way they could watch an episode after a long shift before sleep.


    good luck! hopefully your BIL gets home safe 

  • Cake in a jar..... You can find how to make them on the net...Its a great idea!!

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  • I just mailed a package containing books, pictures, a card, and a 12 pack of cans of Sundrop soda.

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  • I agree with pp about cake in a jar. I just made it a week ago and DH looooved it :)
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  • Some of the things I've sent my husband recently...a small pumpkin, air freshener (with a fall scent), warm wool socks, a candle, gum, beek jerky, pita chips, candy, kleenex, lotion, body wash, disposable camera (he mails it back to me when he uses it up), trail mix, honey roasted peanuts, pictures from home to hand up in his room, scotch tape, vitamins, and deodorizing spray for his shoes.
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  • My dh loved the Camelback Elixir tablets.  They come in quite a few different flavors like lemon-lime, citrus, etc. 
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  • Thanks for all the great ideas!
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  • What I really liked when I was deployed were personal things, like a letter from my mom or pictures.  I seemed to get baby wipes in every box and for me, they were useless.  If whoever youre sending it to doesnt have access to a shower, they would be good.  I like the cake in a jar idea.  It sounds liek a lot of fun to make and like they  would enjoy it!  I always loved getting cookies too.  My grandparents would wrap them in bubble wrap so they didnt get destroyed.  Good luck with all of this!
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  • I know when I was at sea my husband would send me easy to eat foods. I had access to a microwave, so all of the mac-n-cheese, brownie, and instant soups were amazing. I didn't have much time to eat so having granola bars and such were amazing. my husband and i sent a sweater back and forth. when it stopped smelling like him i'd send it back with my perfume and eventually he'd send it back. it was silly but nice to have his smell around. movies are always great and so are letters. his favorite soap and shampoo and new toothbrushes can be a blessing too. there are very limited brands you can get at sea/deployed. maybe occasionally send him new shower shoes too. i know one of mine broke, and it took a while before i could replace them.
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