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Meredith is sick.....

She's been congested & sneezing since she's born. And every time I asked about it, they said "it's just the amniotic fluid working its way out". I accepted that. So when she started coughing too, I didn't think anything of it. Just more congestion. Right??

Well last night she started coughing weird. Almost choking. So I figured I'd call the pedi today if it kept up. Well.... this morning she vomited yellow. Ok... maybe her belly is bothering her and she threw up. That's what kids do. Then she vomited radioactive green stuff. And yes that's the technical name for that color.?

So I pump to make sure it's not coming from me. I've heard that if you have an infection and take antibiotics bm can be green. It wasn't me. So off to the pedi we rush.?

She has an upper respiratory infection and the green stuff is from her nose. It's dripping back and causing her to cough it up. Fun stuff I tell you.

She has no fever so they don't think it's bacterial and didn't give her antibiotics. They said to saline her before she eats & sleeps. She has her well visit on the 19th with her normal pedi. If she's still spewing green stuff between now & then obviously we'll be calling them back & possibly going to the er, but.... this kid is like the rainbow. Blue extremities (normal), pumpkin colored poop (normal) and radioactive green mucous. Lovely.?

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  • I hope that Meredith feels better soon.
  • try a humidifier to help clear her congestion.  Poor girl!
  • Yeah we both end up soaked every night from the humidifier. You would think that someone would perfect it to make sure it gets through the whole room.?


  • Oh no! Hope she feels better soon!

    We will miss you on Sat - we will have to have another gtg soon

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  • Poor baby (and mommy).  I hope she feels better soon. 
  • Oh, no!  Sorry she's sick.  We'll have to see you at the next GTG.  Hope she feels better soon!
  • Oh no.  That girl has you running.  And what is with her Rainbow Brite fetish?  That's gotta be scary for you.

    Hoping she feels better and the saline gets the mucous cleared so it is not green.  Isa was my Rainbow Brite--having had lung problems (blue), some urinary tract problems (pink), and ear wax that became imbedded in her ear and had to be extracted.  It was jet black and the size of a quarter, from all the pollutants in Central America.  It was a sight to behold...

    I know the mucous upsets their tummies--I don't know if there is anything to settle that.  Healing vibes her way. And you hang in too--nothing like a sick baby to shake up the schedule.  Much love, Jill 

  • oh no! i hope she gets better!!
  • we're dealing with a sick baby as well right now... try steaming up the bathroom with a hot shower and just sitting in there with her... and the saline drops are HEAVEN.. only thing that helps DD at all right now... she's also stopped eating solids... that's been fun since we were onto almost solid poo, and now it looks like BF poo again but still smells like a rotten skunk died... not fun...

    hope your LO feels better soon and stops being such an over achiever in the color department :) 

    - MeLisa mom to Kaylee Adeline born: 12-29-07

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