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Happy Friday!!!

I know it has been talked about on the FB page but I want to take LO some where this weekend...I know he will have no idea what is going on but that is not really the point.  I def don't want to spend a ton of money...where is the best place to go?  I am in the Middletown/Franklin area.  TIA! 

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Re: pumpkin patch

  • I haven't been yet but we're planning to go to this place Sunday.  I think it's mostly a corn maze but they say "pumpkin farm" too.  It would just be a jaunt up 75 for you if you wanted to head in that direction. 


    If you want to go into Lebanon, there's always Iron's.

  • I wrote this up for a friend:

    We've gone to Schappacher (up 42 in Lebanon), Shaw Farms (Milford) and Burger Farms (Newtown). Schappacher has a corn maze, a little train ride for the kids that you have to pay for, some farm animals, and a hay ride that goes out to the pumpkins. It's pretty nice. Shaw Farms is also free, they have lots of little play areas for kids, farms animals, and an awesome hay ride that you pay extra for. I am not exactly sure about their pumpkin situation - I *think* that you can go pick pumpkins in the field, but I know they have piles of pumpkins near the play areas. I didn't like Burger much - it was too crowded, you had to pay to get in, and the pumpkins were all in piles, but you did take a hay ride to get to them :):)

     Out of those, Schappacher is probably best for you since it's closest. I've already heard good things about Iron's in Lebanon but haven't been there.


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  • We love Irons Fruit Farm and we are going there tomorrow.  The hayride is free and you just pay for your pumpkin if you get one.  Their bakery and cider are to die for.  We also went to Blooms and Berries in Loveland this year which was cute, but you pay for the hayride and the pumpkin; we also went to Barn and Bunk in Trenton and they had a big fall festival type thing, that may be fun for you :)

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  • We really like Windmill Farms.  It is on the corner of 48 and 73 between Springboro and Waynesville. 
  • Iron's is so good! Pumpkins are purchased by weight. Their baked goods are amazing.
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