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Wow! Talk about STTN!!!!

DD would have been down at 10 but stupid DH woke her up. She thought it was party time after that. Got her back down at 11:30.....didn't wake until 10am!!! She woke at 6am though but she looked aggravated b/c she kicked her blankets off. So i put them back on, patted her back and shushed her, instantly back to sleep. I thought she was going to wake at 7 so I got up, made a bottle, came back, dead asleep. Didn't wake again until 10!! Besides the 2 times I got up, I feel so rested! Perfect timing b/c I am getting sick and really needed the sleep. Let's hope for a repeat!!

Re: Wow! Talk about STTN!!!!

  • wow!! that's great!
  • WOO HOOO! DD didn't do that till around 6 months... that is so great! i hope you get some much needed rest.
    - MeLisa mom to Kaylee Adeline born: 12-29-07

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  • That's awesome.  I covet your good night's sleep right now!


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