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Recommend your bath tub

I am still using the infant bathtub in the sink but my son starting sitting up about a week and a half ago and just does not fit into it anymore. It is time to find something different. What do you use and do you like it?
DS1 5/15/11
DS2 12/20/12

Re: Recommend your bath tub

  • We just lay him in the big tub with about 2-3 inches of water.  He loves it.
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  • My DS isn't sitting yet but when he does I'm planning on just sitting him in the big tub.
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  • When my LO starts sitting up we'll just use the big tub.
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  • We bought this one when Lila was about 12 pounds.  I wish we would have gotten it originally.  I don't have to hold her at all - it's awesome!
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  • We have the Summer folding tub.  It converts from a full sling, to an incline, to a flat tub and folds in half for storage.  We're tight on space and only have a shower in our bathroom.  LO sits when supported, so we're using it on the dining room table with an incline right now.  When she can sit up by herself I'll put the incline down and use the full tub on the kitchen floor.  Hopefully we'll have a new house before she grows out of the tub, or we'll be chasing a toddler in the shower! 

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  • Lydia has out-grown 2 infant bath tubs now. I bought both at Once Upon a Child, so I have no idea what brand they are. They were nice when she was smaller. Now, she is starting to like sitting up in the tub. I have been looking for a bath chair to set in the tub. I know they used to make them, but I don't know if they do any more.

    With Layla we used an inflatable ducky tub that we bought at Target. I loved that tub! I can't find it now... We used that tub until Layla was at least 18 months. But this time around we'll just use the regular bath tub.

  • We just sit him in the big tub.
  • We put LO in the Bumbo (learned that on here) or DH or I just shower with him.
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  • Thanks everyone! Looks like I will just try sitting him in the big tub and see how that goes.
    DS1 5/15/11
    DS2 12/20/12
  • we have this one

    Summer Infant Right Height Center Tub - Summer Infant  - Babies"R"Us

    it grows with your child. we still use the blue mesh with the green proper. eventually we will use it with out the blue mesh then graduate to the white part of the tub. I love that it has the blue base. the blue base saves my back! and it can be used as a step stool for the future.  


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  • All tubs are awful. Bath sponge is the way to go! :)  Lay it in the tub and let it soak up the warm water. 
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