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Need some T&P

I have been spotting very lightly for 3 days now. My OB decided to have me come in next week on Thursday for an u/s. She said she didn't want to do anything earlier than that because I am still in my 5th week and they want to make sure they can see something. Hopefully everything is okay, but I guess it is a wait and see game! :( Please keep me in your T&P!
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Re: Need some T&P

  • Hugs and T&P!  Hang in there.  I hope this clears up asap!
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  • Hug to you and t's and p's!!!
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  • hugs, T&P, and hopefully it's nothing. I had brown spotting at 4 weeks and it was okay---not ever 'normal' but very common. Hang in there!

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  • T&P are with you that all will be okay.

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  • ((((hugs)))). T&P coming your way.
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  • T&Ps coming your way.  I hope it turns out to be nothing.  

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  • Lots of T & P's. I hope your appointment gives  you come reassurance.
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  • *hugs* hope this is just nothing and you have a beautiful ultrasound next week!!
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