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 Dear Renee, I owe you an email.  I did not forget about getting together in October--October ran by me.  We are going to meet again.  And FWIW, I bet your DH and mine could keep themselves entertained.  They "seem" similar.

About your "little behind" question--yes.  Mario.  He has done everything just a little late, and we just got over a really bad battle with some attachment stuff resulting from his adoption.  I know how you feel about the doc's appointments--we have another one for his 18 mo. checkup today, and I am dreading it.  He is on the lower side for weight, and eats 6 meals, and I do mean MEALS, not snacks, a day.  We are finally resulting to "Boost" along with, because I feel like the pedi is going to say "Feed him more" or think we are withholding food.

Then there is the acid reflux (GERD actually), which is there no matter how much he does or does not eat.  He eats the healthiest in the house, but I am sure the pedi is convinced I feed him Doritos and Mountain Dew and am causing this.  :/

We all have these worries when there is a lag.  It is normal.  Plus, Mario goes from sweet cooperative baby to screaming "Indian" (yes, I used it--he is indigenous) in a milisecond when the doc comes near him.  It is a lovely display, and he of course Mario seems even more delayed because he is in such a froth, he can't and won't do anything he normally does.

All that said, keep on keeping on.  It gets better, and you will eventually not fret as much over what the doc might think.  Although I am seriously considering coming down with an hour long flu so Andy has to take him! Much love, Jill

Re: Fredsney

  • Hey Jill!

    No worries--we've been crazy busy as well.  I agree--I think the menfolk would get along just fine : )

    Kate has GER (doesn't seem to cause her any pain so it's not GERD) and can't tolerate milk protein.  She's doing better now that we have her on the fancy formula.

    We always look like inept parents when we go to any appointments because I can't give them a rundown of her schedule because she is so inconsistent.  Hours of sleep in a day?  However much she wants.  We still write down all of her feedings to make sure she is getting enough, though she does seem to be growing appropriately.  At least the OT thought we were "appropriately invested in her well-being," LOL.

    Good luck at your appointment today!!

  • Thanks. And LOL at being appropriately invested.  If they only knew how much further it goes than that...

    Much love, and I know I am going to get asked questions I don't know.  Mario generally sleeps well, but sometimes he has his own agenda.  So I am also hard pressed to give absolute answers.

    Talk later, and yes, our menfolk would do just fine together--much love, Jill

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