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BFing and EPing Moms please come in!

Olivia is 6 months, and just started solids. This last week I have noticed a dip in my supply as far as my pumping output is concerned. Is this related to her starting solids? I pump 2x a day at school. Is this normal? I am taking Mother's Milk and drinking tons of water during the day. How long does this last? Any tips?


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Re: BFing and EPing Moms please come in!

  • With DS, my supply started to take a dip once my period started again (around 5 or so months). A couple days before I started, my supply would dip low and then would pick up a bit after my period stopped... I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work during that week. Keep doing what you are doing, and maybe add in a pumping session???


    Good luck!

  • My supply always dips when I'm PMS-ing and comes right back with AF. Literally, I felt fuller within minutes of AF starting one day. It was crazy. Don't stress if your supply dips. It can always come right back!
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  • Ditto PP's on supply dipping around my period. Just keep doing what you're doing and if after a few days your supply still seems low, I'd try a power pumping session to see if that helps. Either way, try not to stress about it. GL!
  • Thanks for the tips, ladies! But, I haven't gotten my postpartum AF yet. Hmmm... curious. I am trying not to stress about it! I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and hope it turns around soon!
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  • Try increasing your protein intake too.  I noticed with DS as he got older I needed more protein in my diet to keep my supply up. 
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