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I'm kind of excited

Last time I came by the board was just after my son was born and it was so dead. I hadn't thought of checking it out until recently. I'm kind of excited that the board seems to be pretty active. I guess I will have to come back more often!
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Re: I'm kind of excited

  • Welcome back!

    There are a few ladies who post here regularily/daily, but it was busier, and kind of fell away again this past week. It'd be nice to get some discussion going.

    I live in Hamilton ON, and TTC #1, and probably have PCOS, so I know conceving could probably take awhile longer. Its been 6 months so far, and I'm waiting to see a GYN that specializes in Fertility, on November 28th. I'm currently doing accupuncture to see if we can get anything going prior to seeing the Gyn.

    Congrats on your baby! Are you enjoying being pregnant?

    Me & DH: dating, 2.19.06, Married 5.12.11

    TTC #1 since 5.11

    dx: annov. PCOS

    Femara 5mg in Feb, BFP #1, m/c 3/5/12 5w, 4d

    3 more cycles of Femara with TI resulted in BFP #2 7.19.12, Beta: 14DPO: 98; 20DPO: 1271. EDD March 28, 2013

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