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Anyone own the Altama EXOSpeed II boots?

If so, do you think the ankle is pretty stiff?  Need to order new boots, but I cannot stand ones with stiff ankles. I know they are supposed to be supportive, but I find them to be painful to wear.  One review I read on these talked about stiff ankles, so I wanted to see if anyone else echoed that sentiment for these boots.  Thanks!

Re: Anyone own the Altama EXOSpeed II boots?

  • The Altamas I have I believe are the same model or similar. They started coming out last year? The ankles are not too stiff. after 2-3 long days of breaking them in, they fit like shoes, very very comfortable. However, the problem with Altama is they never stitch the soles on. I thought they would have figured that out by now after they started making their sneaker style boots 5-6 years ago. and mine are slowly coming off around the toes. So I will not invest in another pair because of that. Aside from that, it is a good boot
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  • Thank you!  Do you feel as if they have good arch support?

     I wear Wellcos now, but they don't make the ones I have in sage green, so I can't get them again. :P 

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  • I've worn Altamas forever. I love them. I got the "jungle boot" style and the ankle is like mesh. I just got the new Nike combat boots and they're soooooooo light. I love them.


    CJ 05/29/2013

  • Thanks!  I'd been considering the Nikes, but I found out my husband owned them and said that he could feel every rock and pebble through them because of their thinness, so I opted not to get them. I hear some people really like them, though!  Glad you do! :)
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