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first period after pregnancy (TMI)

OMG so I started yesterday and today it is about to kill me.  I swear I am bleeding worse then right after I had LO.  The cramps are killing me!  Has anyone else started yet?  Do you feel like death?  Plus I with this PMS I could rip someones head off!!!  Is it normal for it to be super heavy? 
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Re: first period after pregnancy (TMI)

  • I got mine about 6 weeks pp and it was terrible and has continued that way each month since. The PMS is killer, and I like to believe, I did not really suffer from PMS prior to pregnancy. Hopefully it will get back to normal soon, especially considering I was banking on not having one for a while, since I am exclusively breastfeeding. Good luck!
  • My first one was really light and mild, but I definitely made up for it the next couple times.  It did get better though it took a while for my body to get back to a regular cycle.
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