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hey ladies!

Long time no talk! Mason is the sweetest little bug ever but his lack of schedule kicks my arse daily and I just never have time to nest anymore. How's everyone doing???

Re: hey ladies!

  • hey!  it's my dirty joke girl!  we've missed you!

    Mason is adorable! (that was also our name we had picked out when we got pg the first time! I love it!)

  • Hey girl! I can't believe Avery is already a month old! It's incredible how quickly time has flown by! Avery was our girl name...great minds think alike :)
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  • that is crazy about the names!  I can't believe she's already a month old too...time flies!
  • hey sugar! how are you?
  • Hey!  Mason is so cute!  Good to see you!
  • Hi, I miss you.  I am glad things are great with your sweet bug, and hope you are settling in.  Much love, Jill
  • Raya!  So glad you're here!!  We too are schedule-less, but getting some good sleep at least.  Hope to see more of you around these parts.  :)
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