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That was frightening!

So, I don't post much at all around here, but I just need to get this off my chest somewhere other than my sister and hubby!

I'm currently 24 weeks along, and yesterday I got up and went to work, same as usual.  Hubby and I have a janitorial company, and I work pretty much 7 days a week at it, for a few hours every day.  I've cut back to the lighter duties since I got pregnant, but it's so tiring!  Anyways, I got home, and when I went to the toilet a little while later, there was blood on the tissue when I wiped...  talk about frightening!  Called my doctors office, and the on call doctor told me to go to the hospital right away to get everything checked out.  There was no pain or cramping or anything, and baby is fine, and all my blood work came back normal.  My last ultrasound wasn't ideal, the doctor said, meaning that they couldn't get too much detail of my cervix, uterus and placenta.  Luckily, I've already got a follow-up appointment scheduled for tomorrow!  So, I spent a few hours at the hospital getting looked over and poked.  Finally, the doctor came and did an exam, and said I've got a friable cervix.  Basically that means my cervix is prone to bleeding from minor irritation.  Which, my regular doctor may translate into STOP WORKING!  I can't say I wouldn't appreciate that, since I've been working almost two years straight! 

 Anyways, just had to get that out!  Thanks ladies!

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Re: That was frightening!

  •    Glad to hear everything with baby is good. I know the fear. I would take anything wrong with my body over the smallest thing wrong with baby and it's living quarters. I was in L&D/ER at 25 weeks and was SO relieved to hear it was something wrong with me (inflamed appendix) causing severe pain. Try not to worry too much about your friable cervix. I heard that is a pretty mild issue. Just keep a close eye on the amount of bleeding. And take it easy of course! You need baby to bake for another 4 months!! Do not push your limit and take a little less on your plate when it comes to working! 
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  • Yeah, hubby and I were discussing today what our options are, as far as our company goes.  Since I've been doing most of the work, and we don't have any regular employees, it's time to cut it down a bit.  I also work part time at Sears, but I will keep at that unless I'm told to stop that as well.

    I felt a little silly yesterday when everything came back normal, but I'd rather spend a few hours at the hospital to find that out, than sit at home and worry, or have it actually turn out to be serious!

    And I'm glad to hear that your own episode was nothing to do with baby, too!  Thanks for the encouragement!

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  • Not a problem. Once fear and worry sink it, those feelings tend to just overcome everything else. We could drive ourselves crazy but why do that? Better to be safe :) Stress isn't good for baby either... Hope you guys get a good system going for your company. I mean, it's only temporary, your only pregnant for another 3-4 months. Sacrifice is ALL worth it! Goodluck mama
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