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has anyone been told they have a Blighted Ovum, but just end up being less weeks than they thought?

hey ladies, im just wondering about this. i have had a busy last few months planning for my wedding which was october 1st, so i wasnt neccesarily paying attention to my cycles. i was on the nuvaring for b.c and quit taking it july with, for the very last time hoping to detox off the b.c and be pregnanct by the end of october/november. so i know i it usually takes me r to 5 days to get my period after that, and i got it by july 1st, and i remember havinga period  in august but cant remember whatpart of august and the  sam goes for september, i cant remember if i had one or  not. so anyways  i had been feeling nautious, sore breasts etc. and took a test sept.30th and it was positive, but very faint. and  i took another october 1st which was negative? so i ended  up retesting october y6th  and it was positive again, faint as well bt a little stronger. and i had i blood prgnancy test october 7th  which  ws positive as well, and the nursetold me i was possibly r weeks maybe even less and wasvery early.  so then the next night october8th i started spotting a bit, called  my doctor the next morning and   they  asked me to come in for my levels on tuesday, we retested   and my hcg were good, andd my progesterone was low an 11 when she said it shld be a 20? anyways i stopped spotting and started again 2 days later and the dr. said come back in for a visit and theyd like to start me on progesterone shots and  while i was  there we did an ultrasound and the tech measured the gestational sac at 8 weeks, which i feel is not possible. but found not fetus in the sac, just the sac. and she  proceeded  to tell me i had a blighted ovum and would need a d&c and left  the room, dr came in suprised to see me crying (and had no idea why) i explained to him what she had  said and he said he just didnt think i was that far along yet, my levels hadnt reached 2000 yet so i wouldnt see anything on a u/s anyways, so to come backin tuesay oct18th for another u/s....now i am baffled!!! does anyone have any idea or know of a situation  like this that turned out ok? i have a perfectly healthy 3 year old who i never had any problems with during pregnancy, i just dont get this..

Re: has anyone been told they have a Blighted Ovum, but just end up being less weeks than they thought?

  • Sorry, I took my nuvaring out july 28th for the very last time (and should have putit back in 7 days later and  did not) 
  • I agree with your dr. It does not sound like you are far enough yet! Sounds like you are closer to 5 weeks. They wont see a heartbeat till 7 weeks. T&Ps everything is ok!
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  • Thank you. For. Your input, I really appreciate it! I'm just curious, what makes you think id be 5 weeks? i feel like such a "bad" woman for not watching my cycle  better 
  • my situation right now is very similar however they haven't told me yet that they think I have a blightened ovum, just that they don't think I have a viable pregnancy... here's my story, it's long but I hope it shows you that you're not alone... 

    I got my BFP 1 week ago. I went for my prenatal appointment on Tuesday (10/11) the doctor said that I was definitely pregnant and they thought I was 9 weeks based on my LMP. My husband and I didn't think so b/c my cycles are usually 65 days not 28 days so she sent us for a dating U/S. They only found a gestational sac measuring 6 weeks. There was no fetal pole, no yoke no nothing in it. The doctor called and said to get my beta's checked and to repeat on Thursday, and that if my levels were going up then it'd be a viable pregnancy, if not then no baby. I got a phone call Friday morning that said my beta's went up but they still weren't sure so I had to repeat on Saturday again.

    Well Friday night at work I went to the bathroom and had heavy red bleeding. I totally freaked out, called my husband and he took me right to the hospital. After waiting for 90 minutes in the waiting area they took me back to triage, ran blood work and got me in for an U/S. My beta levels went up from Thursday to Friday(Fri. nights level was 20,000+). Right before my u/s i used the ladies room and the bleeding had stopped completely. The U/S tech also said the gestational sac was still empty but grew and is now measuring 6w6d/7w0d. The nurse came out to us and told us that it is a miscarriage. I asked how this could be if the sac is still growing, my levels are still going up and my bleeding has stopped. All she said is that it is a miscarriage and that if my levels continue to go up then my doctor will have to look into an ectopic pregnancy. We also found out that I'm RH- and they gave me a shot of RhoGam.

    Today I've had no more spotting and am feeling much better. I'm right there with you feeling confused and nervous. I've been looking and re-looking at everything and for me to be 7 weeks is impossible b/c my husband wasn't home at that time. We're calculating that I could be 5 weeks based on when DH was home and knowing when we BD'd.

    I hope that you're able to just try and relax until you find out for sure, which trust me I know is easier said than done. Best of luck to you that you're just not far enough along and that this is your sticky baby. 

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  • im so sorry youre going through that=( i also appreciate you still taking  time to comment  on my post and still manage to be positive for me..thats very kind of you. i wish you the best and hope that  you get good news in some form. good luck and prayers your ways. 
  • I was told at 6 wks 4 days when I thought I was closer to 7 or 8 weeks that I had a B.O. A week later at the final U/S before D&C, there was my baby measuring 7 wks 4 days. We saw nothing on the previous week's scan...I think it was hiding.
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  • I cannot tell you how good that makes me feel!!! it is so nice to hear someone with a positive outcome!! how has your pregnancy been since?? 
  • I also wanted to say congratulations on finding him/her, thats amazing! when you had that u/s @ 6w4days was it the belly on or tans vag. and u just saw an empty sac? or was there a yolk sac?
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