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need a pep talk

I realized yesterday that the hot lump in my right breast was probably not normal.  After consulting my Nursing Mother's Companion, I figured it was a plugged duct and started massaging and applying warm compresses.  Now, I have a fever and I feel like I've been hit by a truck.  I'm assuming this is mastitis.

This just sucks.  I need someone to give me a pep talk and remind me how good bfing is for DD.  I know in my head with some anti-biotics, I'll be fine, but this just sucks right now.Tongue Tied

Re: need a pep talk

  • BFing is SO good for her. It's had and I know that but it is the best thing. Don't give up!!
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    (hugs).  i havent gone thru that but i hope that you can get some meds soon.  when it clears up i am sure you will be happy you stuck with it for allison.  we are here to support you.

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  • Berty, it will get better!!  You are in the very starting stages of it.  Even though Maya was a good latcher from the start and we didn't have any major problems, it was still a struggle. 

    Now, I am SO happy I BF.  No fussing with formula or bottles.  When DD needs to be comforted, just whip out the boob!  It's really quite magical.

    And from a monetary perspective, it's free :)

    Hang in there!

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