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Reaching for things?

When did your baby start purposely reaching for things?  I have tried to interest Linc in reaching for toys, but he seems pretty content just looking at them, or accidentally batting them while waving his arms around.  How do I get him more interested in trying to touch/grasp things?  Any ideas?
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Re: Reaching for things?

  • No real advice because Kate doesn't really reach for things like toys.  We have found that she does grab the cloth diaper or bib (she has reflux so we always have something on her to catch the spit up) and will bring it up to her mouth so she can suck or chew on it.  Sometimes we will place a soft toy in her hands when she's in the mood for clasping, but for the most part she is just in the mood to look at the things around her. 


  • have you tried putting things in his hands??

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  • Jenna started doing this one day out of no where - before that she just looked at them and hit them by accident but now she will definitely grab or hit them to make them move although a lot of the time she will just look. ?

    We only have one thing that hangs down for her to even do that and I just put her on it by herself when I was doing something and I guess she got bored enough to start playing with it :) ?She doesn't do it much if i sit her put and give her a toy but on her back she does.


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  • Aidan doesn't purposely reach for things, either. He does the same thing as Linc, it sounds like.
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