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How many of us are SAHM's?

I'll be home w/DD until next fall, about the time she turns one.  Unless we win the lottery of course.  Then I'd never go back.  I love being home w/her!

Re: How many of us are SAHM's?

  • I am. We made the decision for me to be home before we got married. Sometimes I miss working. And then I look at dd & I couldn't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be. Even if it means we struggle some with the bills.?

  • Me!  I love it SO much, it's really all I ever wanted to do.  I do have a wahm job (just a few hours 4 days a week for a marketing company) so that is nice- shopping fund.  Wink
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  • Me!  I'm supposed to go back to work next school year.  I don't want to.  I think maybe I should just stay at home until we're done having kids!  (We only want one more.)  We'll see though.   
  • I am too! We also made the decision before we even got married that once we had children, I'd stay at home with them.  Seeing her smile every morning and seeing all the new things she does every day makes it completely worth it.  I couldn't imagine being away from her!  We struggle some but we are learning to cut back and save and it's worth it!
  • I kind of am.  I moved to half-time work this year and am job-sharing my kindergarten classroom.  I'll be home with Allison until after Christmas full-time and half-time after that.

    We also discussed this before we got married and made sure that we bought a house that we could afford on one income, paid off our cars, etc.  Unfortunately, although the plan was for whoever made less money to stay home full-time, we got a little out of control with our credit cards, so I have to work half-time.  Maybe someday I'll get to be a SAHM!

  • I am.  And DH works at home, so we both get to watch Little Man change and grow! 


  • Me and I am loving every minute of it.


  • I am.  H kind of made the decision for me while I was pregnant..his daughter came to stay with us for a couple months and he didn't want to put her in daycare.   I was due three months later so I didn't go back. 
  • I want to be, but we'll see
  • I am but I work from home an average of 20 hours per week.  In a perfect world, we prefer for me to stay home and not work at all, but living on DH's salary alone would be cutting it a little too close for comfort.           

    The original plan had been for me to go back to work and put DD in daycare, but due to the only slot available being out of our financial comfort zone ($25K per year!!!) and with DD being a high needs baby, it makes the most sense for me to stay home with her for now.  DH really wanted to take a leave of absence from his job to stay home with her for six months or so, but the state of the economy trounced on that plan.    


  • I am, and I absolutely love it.  It's something both DH and I have always wanted.  It's definitely not going to be easy, financially speaking, but we'll do with what we have.  It's important to both of us for me to be able to stay home so we'll sacrifice elsewhere.
  • I am also taking a year off and loving it. Not sure if I'll ever go back. I do miss the social part of working but I'd so much rather be with DD all day. We'll see how things go financially and then make a decision next spring. DH works from home so he gets to see DD a lot too which is so wonderful. We are very lucky.
  • I am fairly certain that I will get to stay at home. I am thrilled over it. The plan is for me to go back to work in the fall but I hope that I won't have to. Like lovelifeinthesouth, it's not going to be easy but it's worth it. We will just do without the "extras"
  • i do :)  i love it, but there are days where i could really use a break from my darling kid-o.  :)  dh works weird shifts so hes either hme a lot or gone/sleeping for days.  its nice and hard at the same time.  ben doesnt seem to sleep when daddys not home at night!  that gets rough w/ no help and then knowing he needs to get his sleep during the next day for another shift at work.  o hwell, its way better than the night shift 6  nights/week he used to be on!
  • I resigned from teaching and became a SAHM almost 4 years ago when DS#1 was born. I've loved it!
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  • I am for the time being...I will go back when Aidan is 6 months old. I wish I took the whole year though. Next time I will!
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  • i am! DH and i decided that before we were even married... that one of us would stay home at least until school age, then someone would be home after school every day... i love it (most days) ! lol
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  • I will be in a month.  My last day of work is Dec. 15!
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  • I am! I love it most of the time, although I do wish I had a nanny to swoop in when he's being a crankybutt. But I know I'd be miserable if I had to work and leave him with someone else.
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