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help me with a diaper bag please

what did you get and do you like it?

Re: help me with a diaper bag please

  • I have the skip hop and I love it.  I think it's the dash that I got - messenger style.  It's got plenty of room for me, and is not feminine so DH is okay carrying it. :)
  • We got the pbk ultimate & I love it. I am going to have a snap or zipper put on it.?
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  • I have both the pbk ultimate and a skip hop bag like this.  I prefer the skip hop bag. 
  • I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom touring tote for my small diaper bag. So far I have loved it. I comes with three different straps, so you can adjust how you carry it. It has straps that will attach it to the stroller.

    My larger bag is an OiOi messenger bag and I have loved it too. So far it has had plenty of room for me.

  • I have a Ju Ju Be - Be All (messenger type) & I love it.  Thanks to ebay I also have a few different styles from them too, but I haven't had a chance to use them yet.  I love all of the Ju Ju Be stuff.
  • a regular old back pack (i think it's eddie bauer). dh wanted it. I like all the different pockets to keep certain things separate. i don't like that the weight of it is not distributed evenly so when you set it down it won't stay upright.
  • I have a Sherpani Messenger style bag.  It is on the big side but we cloth diaper so I needed something with a bit more room in it.  I got it is green so DH doesn't mind carrying it.
  • I have a OiOi messenger bag and love it, even with 2 of everything it has tons of room.


  • I've got the Skip Hop Duo Glam for Evie and I love it.  I went through 4 or 5 bags with DS, and have only had this one bag for Evangeline.   
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  • I have a petunia picklebottom shoulderbag and love it


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  • I love my Ju Ju Be Be All!  Plenty of room, and not too bulky.


  • Reese Li Lexington. Loves it. Looks more like an adult bag, not a diaper bag.
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