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Young America Cribs?

Hi ladies,

Was looking to see if anyone had any experience with the Young America Isabella Crib. Or, any full back headboard. They all seem to have a split in them to fit for bumper ties. DH and I were looking at them today and we are unsure if it is going to be something we like. It seems a little odd looking to have a split down the back of the crib. We are also thinking that since it would be converted into a regular bed at one point, how would that look?

Wanted to get thoughts from those that may have purchased them. 

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Re: Young America Cribs?

  • We have a Young America crib, but not in the Isabella style. Ours is convertible eventually. I swear by it. The quality is much better than Babies R Us and PB Kids in my opinion. The wood is durable and the frame is very sturdy. I know my SIL's crib from target feels wobbly compared to ours. I would highly recommend Young America!
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