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I am a tired girl today!

And it has nothing to do with Maya...

For the life of me, I could NOT sleep last night.  She went down at about 8:30, and at 10, so did I.  It took like over an hour for me to fall asleep.  I was up again at 1.  She was up at 1:30.  

I got her back to sleep at a little past 2.  And I did not fall back to sleep, save for a few minutes here and there, till she was up again at 4.  Then her sleep started to get choppy... up at 5:30 and 6:30.

I swear if I slept 4 hours last night I'm lucky.

::sigh:: and DH is out of town tonight.  I hope I do better.

Re: I am a tired girl today!

  • I hope you get some better rest tonight!  That just sounds miserable. 
  • that sounds liked a normal night for me. I hope you get some rest though
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  • Hang in there hon.  You and Maya look great!
  • that happened to me a few days ago...so annoying.

    hope you get some good/better sleep tonight!

  • I hope you sleep better tonight. If it makes you feel better, that sounds like a completely normal night for us.
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